Catagnus Cleaning Service, LLC
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We custom-tailor all services based upon each individual need of your business.
The basic cleaning includes the following: 

  • Office Areas/General Cleaning: Clean, dust and vacuum. This includes cleaning window sills, window ledges, door frames, moldings and baseboards. We dust all furniture, woodwork and shelves. Dust high and low corners for cobwebs. We also dust ceiling vents, light fixtures and picture frames. Vacuum carpet and empty trash.
  • Kitchen/lunchroom areas: Clean and disinfect kitchen counters, tables and exterior of all appliances. We also clean microwaves inside and out. Restock provided kitchen paper and soap products, if needed.
  • Restrooms:Clean and disinfect sinks, counter areas, toilets and urinals. Polish mirrors, restroom dispensers and fixtures. Restock provided restroom paper and soap products, if needed.
  • This is just a basic idea of what we do in each room, every job is customized to meet each clients needs.